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Ingage Media specialises in local SEO for your new or existing website and offer a range of innovative, organic and sustainable internet marketing solutions that can improve local, national or international online visibility of your Gold Coast based business.

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SEO is a vital factor that any business needs to look at implementing to help improve search engine rankings and the overall success of their online marketing campaigns. Ingage Media have detailed knowledge of technical, on-page and off-page search engine optimisation processes  that can help your business increase online visibility and improve search result positions.

PPC Adwords Management

At Ingage Media we are constantly monitoring and researching the latest trends in the SEO industry in order to offer our clients the most up-to-date services available.

  • Detailed Competitor Analysis
  • Detailed Keyword research
  • Creation of relevant Meta tags & other html tags
  • SEO copywriting
  • Optimising relevant text
  • Site navigation optimization
  • Link Building services
  • Dynamic Search Engine optimisation
  • Search engine submissions directories
  • Ongoing optimization

Why Use Our Services?

Building a great website is just part of your online marketing goals. To bring traffic to that website, you need high ranking on the major search engines. Search Engine Optimisation tweaks your website so that it becomes both search engine-friendly and visitor-friendly.

The advantages of using our SEO services include:

  • Removal or minimization of roadblocks to search engine crawlers (so that search engines encounter no hindrances to the process of indexing your site)
  • Chances of deeper indexing by search engines (i.e., more pages within the site get indexed)
  • Freedom from black hat (unethical) SEO tactics (which means that you need not be concerned about being penalized by search engines and seeing your site drop in rank)

SEO Gold Coast Success Stories

Envirocoat is doing business in the very competitive online marketplace of Epoxy Flooring. Using custom ranking techniques we have been enable to increase the organic search engine positions for many competitive keywords.

SEO Results for Outlook Eye

Most web owners underestimate the importance of search engine optimisation of their websites. Mostly because they are unaware of the immense benefits of using these services or they try to do SEO by themselves. Proper on page and off page optimisation gives a website a better chance of ranking higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs) than a website that has not used any SEO. This in turn will increase user traffic and sales to the company or individual. Latest research shows that users are definitely influenced by search engine results. If your site does not rank high on the first page; chances are that users will not visit your website. Without web traffic you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

Think of how a typical user would browse the internet for a product or service. He or she will type the keyword in the search engine search box and go through the first ten results on the first page of results. Your site might be the most valuable website out of them all, but if your site was on page three of the search results, users will not bother to check it out. You are missing on traffic and potential sales.

The latest online research reveals that 70% of the users are bound to check out the organic search results than the paid ads section. Approximately 80% of all users, who search the net would ignore the paid ads section. They are actually looking for information on a product or service, before making the buying decision. If your page was among the first 10 results of the organic search results, there is a high probability of your page being checked out. Thereby, helping to increase traffic and sales to your business via online channels.

The Internet users naturally believe that the top 3-4 websites on a search result page are the most credible and relevant to, what they are searching for. 40% of the users will only check the first 3 results on the search engine. Less than 25% of the users will only go to the second page of the search engines. Can you see how important it is to get your website among the first 3 or 4 results of the search engines, if you want a piece of the money pie. Using quality search engine optimisation services is vital, in order to get your websites to the top of the search engines.

Another study conducted by “Outbrain Inc” shows that organic search is the number one driver of traffic to websites. Organic search is used by internet users to search for products and services, 300% more than social media. Also, the same study showed that visitors coming to the website through an organic search or SEO would be willing to close a sale 14.6% times more than a sales lead that is coming through direct mail or print advertising.

Imagine how much you would be missing by not being able to rank your website higher on the search engines. Search & Internet marketing is changing every day and you should be up-to-date with the current trends. It is quite difficult for an individual to handle all aspects of SEO by a business owner. Search Optimisation is time consuming and the work should be done manually for effective results. There are over 100 billion global organic searches conducted every month and over 83% of all the internet users, use organic search to find a product or service online. Using a professional service provider like Ingage Media is the most effective way of taking advantage of these trends and getting your website ranked on the first page of the popular search engines like Google & Bing.

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Custom SEO Plans for Gold Coast Businesses

Each plan includes:

1. Site Audit –  Review of current website

  • Keyword ranking Report
  • Site speed check

2. Keyword Research

  • Keyword research  based on Product/Service/Location/Market to target
  • Manual selection of keywords for SEO project

3. Site Monitoring

  • Google webmasters tools
  • XML site map
  • Google analytics  Report

4. On Page Maintenance

  • Meta Tag Optimisation – Title, Keyword, Description
  • Image optimization, image ALT text
  • H1-H2 tags used appropriately and optimized for keywords within each page
  • Internal navigation check
  • Broken Link Checking
  • URL/content rewrites as required
  • Internal linking analysis and strategy

5. Search Engine Submission

  • Submission of website in Yahoo DMOZ directory
  • Submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo

6. Off Page Optimization

  • Article writing
  • Manual Submission to article websites
  • Press release content writing and submission to 20 Press Release websites / monthly
  • Social Media Bookmarking

7. Tracking of results and reports

  • Monthly SEO Report
  • Monthly Ranking Report
  • Email Support

8. Social Media Interaction

  • Posts to Facebook


To get the best benefits from any SEO services we do recommend a minimum of 12 months. 

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