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What is SEO?

In brief, search engine optimisation is the way in which a website optimises its content, both visual and verbal, for the best visibility and access by users on the Internet. The ideal is for your business’s website to get top rankings and therefore more visits in order to generate business for your products and services.

What doesn’t constitute SEO?

While SEO is intended to bring your business good rankings, it is not intended to give some business the highest rankings on search engines just because they buy link packages or pay for keyword-stuffed articles that “trick” search engine spiders to find and list them above all other websites. In fact, these days Google prohibits these sorts of practices, so trying to trick search engines into boosting your website’s rank is not going to work.

SEO is not about link building. Your website needs link backs, but only genuine ones which makes sense for the content and subject matter on your website. Fake link packages and keyword stuffing practices are, to sum it up, not SEO.

Why use Optimise for Google?

Google has the largest market share of any search engine. You can make use of other search engines, but you cannot make do without Google and its 60 percent plus market share. It is extremely serious about the quality of results it retrieves for users and continuously works to improve its requirements so all searches return the greatest amount of information possible. It is important to follow all of the changes Google makes to its Search algorithms to keep your website, and business, competitive.

What makes a successful SEO campaign?

In terms of your website, a successful campaign is designed to optimise your website for search engines so that it basically speaks that search engine’s language and can be found. Optimising your website makes it easier for the end user to access and make use of, and it makes it easy for them to find all the information they want without having to go anywhere else.

Who helps small business with SEO?

We do! Digital marketing companies like us can do this for small and large business, or you can assign the SEO task to an employee or a team of employees, such as those in your marketing department.

It is a good idea to start with an outside SEO company for best results. When hiring an SEO company to do the work you also need to be sure you are hiring the right one. Be sure to find a company that has a proven success track record in the field of SEO.

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