Andrew Abrahams is competing in a rowing race across the Atlantic Ocean to raise much needed funds to help kids enjoy the wonderful advantages of life today! He is no special athlete or finely tuned military person. I am an average person that has a burning passion to help others. Ingage Media designed this responsive website to help promote Andrew’s cause.

Andrew is rowing the Atlantic…but really that is nothing in comparison to the survival others face. Every year children all around the world suffer in hospitals from dreaded diseases, car accidents, and misfortune. The pain, the suffering and parental anguish is happening every day. Their challenge is generally for life; my challenge is just to row across the Atlantic Ocean to help.

The Challenge

  • The Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge commences December 2, 2013
  • Australia’s World Record Holder Andrew Abrahams aims to row 3,000 nautical miles (or 5,000 kms) from San Sebastian, De La Gomera across an unforgiving ocean to English Harbour, Antigua.
  • The race usually takes a team of rowers anywhere from 60-100 days. Andrew aims to complete the race in a world record 46 days SOLO.
  • This race is considered one of the world’s toughest nautical challenges and is the ultimate test in mental and physical endurance.
  • The Challenge is also considered one of the last great adventures. More people have stood at the top of Mount Everest than rowed in this race.
  • Around 17 teams from across the globe are in gruelling training for the race and
  • Andrew is only the second Australian to attempt this race solo since its start 1997
  • Boats are 7.2 metres long and two metres wide with only a small cabin for protection from the elements. No sails or motors are permitted.
  • No repairs, help or food/water is provided for rowers during the race – they all must be self sufficient
  • Rowers will battle 30 – 50 ft waves, weather including huge storms and heat, constant physical and mental fatigue, wildlife including sharks and whales, sleep deprivation and salt sores
  • The registration fee which Andrew has paid completely covers the fee if the worst should happen and a rescue operation is required. Not reliant on tax payers to come and rescue. All backup and support is covered.
  • Andrew hopes to raise $500 000 for Disadvantaged Children in the Community and break the world record by completing the race in just 46 days