Mobile Web Design

Mobile will be the #1 game changer for your clients in 2013. Mobile searches have grown 400% over the past two years. Every day, more and more smartphone users search for products and services on the go.

Every day  the number of devices that need to work with your site grows.  Responsive web design enables us to build websites that can adapt to a variety of screen sizes.

With the increasing importance of mobile websites, Google created the GoMo campaign to help businesses understand how to benefit from mobile, and to help you promote exciting mobile opportunities to your clients. On, you will find resources such as helpful talking points on why having a mobile site matters and best practices for building mobile sites. You will also find two useful tools to kickstart your mobile sales pitch:

  1. GoMoMeter: allows you to test your web site ito see how mobile friendly it really is and you receive a free, customised report.

We can help design your new website to be responsive to your visitors needs and we can redeign existing websites to be responsive.

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